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“Don't mistake activity with achievement.”
- John Wooden

Production and printing.

The last stage, the maternity ward, the moment of truth. Your book is about to be released to the world. How do you make it not expensive? How many copies? where? When? All the questions and all the professionals who can help you are part of our community of producers and printers. Beware of promises from printing houses and producers who think in their pocket before they think about the quality of your book.

what's important to know

The editing and proofreading stages are the longest and most important stages in the process of publishing a book. It is important to do them right and invest in them as they are second only to writing the book itself in their importance. It is important to know that anyone who thinks and feels they do not need editing can only do proofreading.

Our production and printing community

There are many different types of printing, many conditions that need to be met and many prices and related expenses. Choosing the right printing house for you is not just a matter of budget as well as familiarity, trust, flexibility, transportation and general convenience. Choosing the exact printing house and printing method for you is a very important part to complete the puzzle and therefore it is important to invest time, resources and thought into it.

What now?


Need Production and printing?! First of all, we will connect you to one of our team members who specialize in design and layout.

You will talk, get to know each other, and understand together what exactly you need and how we can help you with it (in the best, fastest, and cheapest way). We will then connect you with one of the great professionals who are part of our producers and printers community.

Several Open Books
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