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"The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story color." - Emma Hill

editing and proofreading.

Choosing an editor and proofreader are like choosing the taste of ice cream, it can change the whole experience. A true, good, sensitive and determined editor can turn a manuscript into a real work of art. A really good editor also knows when and where not to change. This stage of publishing is dramatic and critical and can take quite some time and go up in great frustration if done with the wrong people. Let's find the right person.

what's important to know

The editing and proofreading stages are the longest and most important stages in the process of publishing a book. It is important to do them right and invest in them as they are second only to writing the book itself in their importance.

Our diting and proofreading community

Our diting and proofreading community is spread all over the world, available, reliable, and stress-free from traditional publishing. Depending on your needs and your character as creators we will connect you to the best professionals for you so that you can determine the pace, the nature of the work, and the nature of the price. Of course, we will be by your side all the way.

What now?


Need diting and proofreading?! First of all, we will connect you to one of our team members who specialize in design and layout.

You will talk, get to know each other, and understand together what exactly you need and how we can help you with it (in the best, fastest, and cheapest way). We will then connect you with one of the great professionals who are part of our diting and proofreading community.

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