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"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." - Brian Reed

Design and layout.

The design and layout are what turn napkins into books. These are important and critical steps that have a crucial impact on the display of your book, on its marketing and ultimately on what types and how many people will read it.

what's important to know

The design and layout processes are usually professional and fast processes that do not require much fuss. They do require thinking about and familiarity with your manuscript. Skilled and focused professionals can save you a great deal of time, money, and mistakes that you will regret in the future. It is no problem to split these tasks into several people. This is the first step on the way to bringing out what you imagined into the world.

Our design and layout community

Our design and layout community is spread all over the world, available, reliable, and stress-free from traditional publishing. Depending on your needs and your character as creators we will connect you to the best professionals for you so that you can determine the pace, the nature of the work, and the nature of the price. Of course, we will be by your side all the way.

What now?


Need design and layout?! First of all, we will connect you to one of our team members who specialize in design and layout.

You will talk, get to know each other, and understand together what exactly you need and how we can help you with it (in the best, fastest, and cheapest way). We will then connect you with one of the great professionals who are part of our design and layout community.

Several Open Books
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